CNC Services


Our experienced engineers are able to design the mechanical part as well as different mechanical mechanisms also research and develop the new mechanisms according to field applications. We are not just design the models but we design the models with respect to its applications and these CAD models can be made on CNC milling machine. We have capability to assemble the mechanisms with temporary and permanent fasteners.
3D Modeling Procedure
Mostly we use this modeling procedure.
• Gathering the customer requirements
• Evolving the ideas to get the best Design
• Material Selection
• Solving the manufacturing problems
• 2D Modeling
• 3D Solid modeling
• Freeform surface modeling
• Design and assembling with in the software
• Simulation the mechanism to its application for enhancements
• Setting up the Fitting Tolerances
• Rendering
• Making Prototype if require
• Building the require information about the CAD Models for CNC Machining

Mill Work

Our experienced engineers are able to Choose the best tools, optimize the fast and reliable tool paths for machining to cut fast and achieve good milling surface for getting best tolerance. We can provide all types of custom CNC milled parts to meet the project’s needs.
These are the Milling operations mostly we use
• Facing
• Drilling Holes
• Slot Milling
• Pocketing
• Chamfering
• Milling on Different sides of a part
• Surface finishing
Milling Materials
We have 3-Axis CNC Milling Machines with high accuracy and could mill most of materials.
 Protypes and Parts Production
 We have facilities to Mill on several types of materials
• Aluminum
• Mild Steel • Stainless Steel • Steel Alloy • Milling on PCB • Plastic
• PVC • Teflon
• Brass • Copper
• Wood • Foam


We have highly experienced welding and fabrication team to provide the best quality project work. CNC Milling Machine Works for fabrication we specialize in a wide variety of metalworking and fabrication processes to bring our clients’ designs to life. Welding works: Our capabilities include welding and fabricating with the following capacities.
• Materials:
We work with aluminum, carbon steel, specialty alloys, stainless steel, and titanium, among others.
• Structural Shapes:
We can construct custom and standard welding and fabrication projects in a range of options. Choose between angles, beams, channels, tubes, and other options.
• Services:
We provide comprehensive services for machine building, welding and fabrication, and more. We also handle testing and finishing processes, including dye penetrant testing, passivation, and specialty cleaning processes. We prioritize quality, so we have a certified welding inspector on staff to maintain quality control and ex